Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Blog Has Moved

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 832 | Chase's First Movie

It's been a long time coming but Chase finally went to his first movie theater movie last night. Big deal, right?

He and Chris saw Finding Dory at the budget theater that's walkable from our new house. The best!

Before the movie, Chase was the most excited version of himself. He could not keep it together. And, from first hand reports at the theater (from Chris), he was the sweetest version of himself through the whole thing. 

For any of you that have watched an in-home movie with Chase, you'll be interested to hear that he didn't close his eyes, ask to fast forward, request to leave, or bury his head at all. I've never been more proud.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 831 | My Wrist

I realized after a couple of inquiries that I probably should have elaborated on the story behind my wrist surgery. Sorry about that! I hate not knowing the back story behind things just as much as the next guy and yet I did it to all of you. To make things right...

A brief overview of my current wrist situation:
  • Last fall, I started noticing a small bump appear on the inside of my left wrist (most likely from how I've been holding the babies for the last 4.5 years). 
  • After Christmas, I met a friend for yoga (which was really painful) and she told me that she thought it might be a ganglion cyst. Google it, if you're interested. 
  • Soon after, I had it checked out in DC and the diagnosis was confirmed and it was drained. I was given a 50/50 chance it wouldn't come back.
  • No luck, fast forward several months and the cyst had become much more painful...the packing + unpacking didn't help. 
  • I decided to have it checked out here to see what my options were. After another trip to the doctor and a MRI, it was determined that surgery was necessary (the cyst was becoming a bit too friendly with my ulnar nerve). 
  • Surgery came and went uneventfully last Friday and now I'm on the road to recovery. 
There it is, the whole *abbreviated* story. Now I'm stuck with this wrist splint until next Wednesday (AHHH!). It's already starting to drive me crazy. I think I'll make it, though. 

And, just think, it's possible that in a few months (maybe more...) I'll be back to yoga. My heart smiles just thinking about it.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 830 | Snow Cone

As I mentioned, Chase has been waiting for a snow cone since the last week of school. His school had a little carnival but he was too sick to attend (remember this?). You wouldn't think it would be that hard to make good on our promise to find him one. Can you believe it took nearly all summer? The anticipation only made it better, though. Chase enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 829 | Festival in the Pines

It's been a surprisingly busy weekend around here. Today we spent a good chunk of the day at the local Festival in the Pines event. Although my wrist was trying to cramp our style (I had surgery on Friday), we still managed to squeeze in a school bus ride to the festival (definitely a highlight), a snow cone (Chase has been waiting all summer), a petting farm, a magic show, a few corn dogs, and an attempt to win a goldfish (which Chase actually succeeded at with his last ball but then chose a stuffed animal as his prize...what?!?). 

We got home and all took naps (except Chris, I guess) before heading to a neighbor's house for a little neighborhood welcome gathering. We're hoping for a quieter couple of days ahead, but we can't really complain since we're having such fun. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 828 | Seeds of Hope

Another great day in Wisconsin.  The highlight of the day was definitely a trip to the Seeds of Hope sunflower maze with some family.  The boys loved running through the flowers, spending time on the tractors hidden throughout, and there was even a horse-drawn wagon ride.

**Special thanks to my brother for installing our ceiling fan today. Such a little thing that makes me so happy. Another big project off the list.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 827 | Looking Cozy

I know I haven't posted many photos of the new house. It turns out getting a new house set up takes a *bit* of time. Although 96% of boxes are unpacked, we still have a random box or two stacked in most rooms. There's also at least one surface in those rooms covered with piles of misc items that just need homes. Not my favorite sights, but, you know, priorities.

Anyway, we're finally close to finishing up our family room so I wanted to share! We're still working on some sort of an ottoman and there will be a bookshelf, but it's looking good. We're really happy with how it has come together. Hope you agree!